Glulam Product Guide 4 AnAtomy of GlulAm Glulam is made up of wood laminations, or “lams,” that are bonded together with adhesives. The grain of all laminations runs parallel with the length of the member. Individual lams typically are 1-3/8 inches thick for southern pine and


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Glulam is a versatile material with many possibilities. Setra manufactures structural components of laminated timber of the highest quality on behalf of companies and professionals in the building and construction industries. Here you can find our standard range of Setra glulam, from pressure-treated decking glued to glulam beams and pillars in different sizes. You can find anything you need via our dealers in the building trade. Glulam has many more possibilities than just the visible wood look, lacquered or untreated. If you treat the glulam surface it can take on a new form or look. A dramatic black top coat, a whitewash or silky gray steel are just some examples of finishes that both protects and enhances the look of your glulam.

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SWS is a leading custom glued laminated timber manufacturer and all of our materials are built on a per order basis. Regardless of the size of your next glue laminated timber project, Call Structural Wood Systems for your next glulam project! Glulam Squared Log houses. The glulam log is produced on highly advanced technological equipment by gluing together planed wooden boards, which are milled by the longitudinal sawing of raw logs.

GRUPO GÁMIZ is the first manufacturer worldwide to achieve the manufacture of laminated oak beams with structural admission. Thanks to its delicate and exquisite treatment, these glulam hardwood beams provide singularly resistant and aesthetic results eliminating any chance of creating cracks or fissures.

Las vigas de madera laminada encolada del grupo wigo se fabrican de acuerdo con los certificados europeos EN 14080:2013 y EN 14081, así como con las 

61-2425 Se till att väggbalk, frontbalk och tak räcker till det önskade totala breddmåttet inklusive  Glulam Of Sweden AB - Rating, ekonomisk information för 'företagsnamn' på, kreditvärdering på nätet. pieces of wood. PEFC®-certified glulam wood beams. re p o. 0. 0. 2 På uppdrag av Glulam of Sweden AB har Sweco Civil AB utfört översiktlig geoteknisk.

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Se omsättning, bokslut, m.m, Ladda ner gratis årsredovisningar. Glulam-ul este estetic din punct de vedere arhitectural: Calitatile lemnului se regasesc si la lemnul lamelat incleiat, decorativ, cald si original. Glulam-ul se finiseaza si se asambleaza usor: Structurile din glulam se pot finisa si se asambleaza usor cu ajutorul unor unelte de mana facand posibila ajustarea usoasa si montajul in timp scurt. Glulam can generally be used for the interior and the exterior.
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Sidan uppdaterades 2018-08-09 10:09:01 Glulam offers great strength and stiffness in relation to its weight, so the beams can freely span large distances. Glulam posts and beams are made from individual laminates of construction timber that are joined to produce long lengths and then bonded together to create the desired dimension. Glulam retains its constructional stability in a fire longer than many people think, making it an excellent material for bearing structures. Compared to steel, it is also very stable in shape, which is just another of the many good reasons to choose glulam as a construction material. Glulam is a completely eco-friendly material, and laminated timber beams can be used for everything from large industrial buildings to single family homes.

22.9. Cross beam at side strut, high. 7a NE. 7b SE. 7c SW. 7d NW. 10.
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GLULAM Romania - Proiectare, Lemn lamelat incleiat, Panouri tip Sandwich pentru CONSTRUCTII civile si industriale.

Glulam can be manufactured to a variety of straight and curved configurations; offering architects artistic freedom without sacrificing structural requirements. BOISE GLULAM® beam products are manufactured with exterior-grade or wet-use adhesives that comply with all recognized standards.

Structure. Glulam (glued laminated timber) comprises a number of wood laminates glued together. The fibres in the laminates run parallel to the length of the 

- We work with you to get all necessary approvals. Glulam also need not be a waste problem, since after energy recovery the ash can eventually be returned to the forest from which the wood raw material originated. OKQ8 in Häggvik, Sollentuna.

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